Darcie Jean

Darcie picked up a canvas and a brush for the first time when she was in her late 20’s and has been in love ever since.  Darcie’s art brings together elements of nature, modern minimalism and unique combinations of color with the goal of sparking the emotions of it’s viewers.  Endless inspiration comes from the world around her and its exceptional beauty while incorporating her love of mid-century modern design and aesthetics.   She plays with geometry using ribbons of color while creating intricate and detailed pieces that expose the purity and beauty of simple design.  Darcie’s paintings are always done without the use of tape, using acrylics, a brush, and only a steady hand.  Most of her works are quite large and can take upwards of 40 hours to complete.  “Deceptively Simple” these words have often been used to describe her work.  At first glance, a piece may simply grab your attention but then you start to appreciate the fine details and nuances of each piece the longer you view it.