Anna Tooze

Hi I’m Anna. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband and close family. Creating art has been a part of my life since I was nine years old after I earnestly asked my mom to sign me up for private art classes. I take after my grandmother, Ruth, who was an incredible self taught artist, homemaker, wife, mom, and nature lover. The content of my work includes fruit, flowers, landscapes, and other pretty things that add simplicity and beauty to your wall spaces. I primarily paint with acrylics and water colors using more gestural brushstrokes. Some of my paintings are framed in beautiful, handcrafted pine wood frames that my husband makes for me. I have been featured at local art galleries and have sold to many different parts of the country. My hope and goal with my art is to share my love and talent with others, allowing them to have a special and beautiful creation on their wall that was made with joy and thanksgiving.

My work is defined by color, movement and uplifting energy inspired by the beauty of nature, especially florals, fruits, and landscapes. I have always viewed the world in color and through the lens of artistry and painterly expressionism. Using a mix of heavy and light body acrylics, I paint primarily in gestural brushstrokes to invoke a sense of simplicity and balance to the viewer. When I paint, I often have a person or fond memory in my mind, so if my work conveys the same to others, I have succeeded. The intention of my work is to communicate the beauty and heart of nature, imagined and invented by our Creator, and our connection to it as admirers and viewers.